Design inspiration: For the kids.

I do not like clutter.

When I was little and I went over to friends' houses to play, my mom would pick me up after about 3 hours of being over there and I would have spent the entire time rearranging and organizing my friends' closets and bedrooms. I do love kid's rooms. I love the colors and playfulness of them. I just have never understood why a 35 lb. baby needs hundreds of loud and obnoxious plastic toys? I think design for a kid can be challenging, because there is a line of making a space too silly or too sophisticated. These rooms below balanced these well, and came out with beautiful, kid-friendly rooms. I really appreciate the minimal amount of toys and that they are neatly organized. However, I know, this is not reality when a 2 or 3 year old is involved, those neatly placed stuffed animals in the basket are not going to last too long!

The room on the top right has the smart idea... keep all toys and books out of reach and that totally will eliminate any chance of mess ; )

I found these photos here, and there are many more.

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