Weekend wrap up.

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How was your weekend? Mine was just fantastic and we are still recovering (hence the late blog post!). Like I said, my dad was here for the first time to visit me since I moved up here and the weekend could not have been more perfect. The weather was so nice all weekend and we had back to back activities from the moment we left the airport.

The reason I chose this photo for my 'weekend wrap up' is because the statement basically wraps up what we did this weekend. We indulged and it was so fun. We went to Larkburger for dinner friday (of course), Saturday morning was Walnut Cafe followed with Happy Hour at Laudusio and dinner at Jax (this dinner was incredible!). Sunday we treated my dad to a belated father's day brunch at Salt which included warm cinnamon sugar donuts for a starter, woah!

Okay, well eating is not all we did...

We also went on a tour at Celestial Seasonings, took a joy ride up Flagstaff and hiked around at the overlook, and we played dominos while enjoying an amazing bottle of wine from Sonoma.

Pictures are to follow :)


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