Everything I have.

Have you ever thought about everything you own... I mean everything...

Well this artist (Simon Evans) took this thought one step further by photographing and describing everything he has. For me, this would be completely embarrassing, as I catch myself saying the phrase 'I need' all too often (BTW I am very aware that I do not need anything). Do you have things that you just could not give up. Confession... I still sleep with my bear from when I was a little one, and I honestly would be sad to see him go (see, I even personify the bear, it is a he, and his name is BearBear... very clever, I know). One time in college my sister's Birkenstocks went missing through a series of events and she was convinced that God was taking her shoes because it was one of her possessions that she cherished too much. Haha, I love that story, so funny! She found them soon after :)

Here is a small description of this piece and the show that it was in at James Cohan Gallery in NYC:

"The title of the show Island Time is a reference to Robinson Crusoe and the hand-made objects that were critical to his survival on a desert island—a metaphor that draws connections between the state of being shipwrecked, to the role of the artist as an outsider, to the artist's personal biography living as an expatriate in a foreign city. Evident in the work is Evan's preoccupation with counting and charting—an activity also key to survival as a castaway."

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