Hot, hot, heat.

Tonight, Stone and I drove out to Fort Collins (otherwise known as Fort Fun) to meet up halfway with one of our wedding clients who lives in Wyoming. We were excited to meet our new clients, which is always important to us as we are sharing the most important day of their lives with them and we want to feel like their friends. This couple is awesome. We are so excited for their wedding, and Stone better take amazing photos because the group of 8 groomsmen are all college wrestlers... yikes.

Anyway, it has been hot here and the temperature keeps rising... for real! Even in Colorado....

I am not sure if I added this tid bit to my list of favorite things about summertime, but, fro-yo definitely belongs on there. And because of the heat lately, we have been craving it more than usual. Unfortunately in Boulder there are just two places to get fro-yo and they are about $8 for two spoonfuls. So we were so excited to see that across the street from where we were meeting with our clients was a self serve yogurt place called Spooners, and it was just the perfect treat. Plus, the ingredients all came form a local dairy farm, how great is that?

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