One of my favorite details of my sister-in-law's wedding this weekend are the banners she made to decorate tables. They are so simple and add a colorful vintage touch! You can always buy them here at Emerson Made. Or try to do it yourself. I found these great photos and instructions here.

What You Will Need:
your chosen fabrics
pinking shears
fabric chalk(or soft pencil will do)
sewing machine

I used clothes line string from the hardware store. There were 2 kinds. The cotton string and sythentic string. I recommend the synthetic string because it was much lower in price, and it is much easier to sew the pennant flag onto the string with the sewing machine.


1) Cut your Fabric – These are the dimensions I cut all my flags, but how wide and long your flags are completely up to you. I have seen a lot of very fun flags that were all in different sizes. Experiment and have fun! The extra rectangular piece of fabric above the triangular flag is the part you will need to sew on the string.

2) Attaching the flag on the string - Place the string over the rectangular portion of the flag, and roll the fabric over the string.

3) Pin the Flag Down

4) Sew the Flag - You may want to test if your sewing machine will sew over the fabric and string you choose.

5) You are done with your first Flag! - I space mine 12′ inches apart and repeat till you have your desired length.

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Jessica said...

Found your blog through Jessica Hill...

Love reading your blog! You are so creative and your hubby's photography is amazing!

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