Too cool for school.

As we were meandering around Pearl Street today we stopped in this really great furniture and accessories consignment shop. By the way, if you have nice consignment shops near you, you should take advantage of them, I have been able to consign a lot of my clothing at this one and have made a good buck or two :)

Well, one of the first items we spotted when we walked in was this Royal Standard Typewriter. It was kind of one of those weird things where Stone and I both looked at each other and thought had the same thought in our head... we gotta get this! And for $45 it was a great steal too! Like I have said, we really like to mix the old with the new in our home decor and this will be a perfect addition. One day we will get it to work, until then it is going to be sitting pretty on a shelf somewhere in our teeny apartment...

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Rick said...

It's a low-tech iPad! Love it.

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