SHE + HE : Making some weekend plans.

Happy Friday! Stone and I are a little happy to say we have absolutely zero plans this weekend. This maybe happens just once or twice a year so we will take full advantage and do whatever we want. It almost makes me a little giddy inside to say those words. I put together an ideal day date for the two of us. Of course, this would start out on our bikes because we rarely ride them but love it so much. Preferably it would be some sweet bikes like these from PUBLIC, but because we forgot to plant the money tree in our backyard we will stick to our old rusted cruisers instead. Next, we would spend some time at a little coffee spot having breakfast and reading at a leisurely pace (I love doing things at a leisurely pace on the weekends, don't you?). Also, it is rare that there is time in the week to read for fun, so any chance I get I take it :) After that we would head to the Farmers' Market to pick up some veggies, flowers and maybe a few of my favorite dips. I have been wondering if these outdoor markets are just going on in California right now and since the rest of you all are freezing, if you have them at all at this time of the year? Maybe they have them going on indoors somewhere...

Anyway, back to the date. One of our favorite things to do is grill pizzas. We always were big fans of making homemade pizzas, but when you grill them it takes it to a whole new level. So, we would spend the evening making pizza, chatting and of course ending on a sweet note. That sweet note hopefully would be cookies from here, because I have been dying to try them ever since we moved here!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Relax and enjoy a couple of days off!


Kate + Zach said...

That sounds absolutely lovely! How do yoy make grilled pizzas?

Stone said...

Hey Zach + Kate! Griled pizza is SO EASY and SO GOOD. First, get your grill warm. I keep the grill at a medium heat. Next flatten out your dough, then coat each side with a very healthy amount of olive oil. Then put one side of the dough on the grill until it's golden brown (about 5 minutes or so ... also you may want to rotate it around once). Pull the dough with 1 side cooked OFF the grill. Put all your toppings on the cooked side of the dough, then put the pizza back on the grill. Let it cook for about 10 minutes (or until golden brown ... also remember to rotate) ... and voila. you're done. Delicious grilled pizza.

Mom said...

Y'all are so cute. If you want to keep up this lovely life I currently jealous of, I suggest no kids for several more years!! 

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