Weekend wrap up : Fun with family.

We had a whirlwind of a weekend.

Stone's parents were in town from Colorado, and we spent the weekend enjoying the beautiful California sunshine :) We took them to some of our favorite spots around town, "hiked" at Torrey Pines (nothing like actual Colorado hiking, but still...) and even made our famous homemade pizza (okay, so really it isn't famous, but it is so good that is should be!). Having guests is one thing that makes me dream about the day when we own a home with more than one bedroom and bathroom. I will be so thankful when that happens. Also, I will totally use this as an example to our children... "Your dad and I used to live in a house as big as our living room and you are complaining about sharing a bathroom with your sister, you should be thankful"... you know those stories that are so annoying to you when you were a kid, but you will most definitely use when you are a parent yourself.

Anyway, did you watch the Oscars? Not my favorite year of movies, except for Toy Story 3 of course. Also, I could definitely do without Anne Hathaway hosting... not my fav! Stone and I have not seen The King's Speech, but are definitely wanting to catch it while it is still in the theaters because of all of it's wins! Plus, I think Colin Firth is pretty great, but after 'Bridget Jones's Diary', what girl does not like him?

Happy Monday everyone, xo.

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