Inspiration board : Sweet and soft.

I am hoping that this inspiration board is truly inspiring for you this week as most of them are things that I have just recently discovered and fell in love with. Isn't that just the best? Especially when you find out about really incredible desserts, candles or bed sheets... nothing beats that really :) What is your favorite thing to discover? I just asked husband (who is sitting next to me booking flights for upcoming weddings we are shooting) and he says it is the best when you discover you can do something that you had never tried before. Perhaps he is talking about our recent adventures in hot yoga. Maybe he was not sure that he could actually touch his toes. I am not going to confirm this as he is so deep into his thoughts right now that he is talking to himself. Oh, husband, I love you and I especially love that you have come to yoga with me even if you think it is lame.

Hope you feel inspired today.

1 : I had never seen a photo of the other Olsen sister, Elizabeth. And, I think this one is just stunning, really, such a beautiful black+white portrait. Kind of makes me want a floppy black hat too.

2 : Three things that are great about these lockets. They are made in France (so you can tell people it is just a French design... no biggie), they are long, and they have a lacquered pop of color! Love them.

3 : Mochi ice cream balls are husband and my dessert of choice as of late. Lucky for us, Trader Joe's sells them in a multitude of flavors :)

4 : Kobo candles are the best, take it from someone who has tried them all. My favorite thing about them is that they are soy and burn clean. We recently burned a candle in our house and had a layer of black soot on everything afterward!

5 : My favorite pring by Casey Ohngren is the hot pink hand holding. Love the hot pink!

6 : I think this house is pretty fantastic. Especially the wallpaper and printed tiles in the kitchen. Definitely going into my folder for home inspiration (when we do actually buy a home... one day...).

7 : Anthropologie just launched it's wedding collection. This could be reason enough for us to renew our vows!

8 : A small secret... Stone and I still sleep on his bed sheets from college. Eww, right? I am ordering a set of these from West Elm and just cannot wait to get them.



Jenni said...

I love those ice cream bars too! If they are the same ones that I have tried, the texture is incredible! It like biting into a pokemon!

Shel + Stone said...

Yes, they are delicious ;)

Kim said...

Those lockers are gorgeous and west elm is my weakness. I'm currently scheming how to get a Henry sofa & chair :)

Kim said...

Crap. **lockets

Shel + Stone said...

The lockets are definitely on my wish list and I agree, WestElm is pretty fantastic!

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