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Hello lovies. Depending on where you are living right now, you are quite possibly freezing, and those cold smoothies definitely do not look like something you would want to partake in at the moment. Sorry about that, you must remember that I wore flip-flops on the beach today and a cool drink sounds just perfect :) I am sad, however, to have missed the snow day that everyone I know seems to be enjoying today. Stone did say this morning, what if we decide to have kids here and they never know what a snow day off of school is like? Well, that would be a bummer... but, the perfect weather in exchange is nothing to scoff at. So if you are one that got to stay home today, then grab a warm drink and get cozy (maybe even turn on that incredible music mix right below) because you are about to be inspired!

1 : It is everything about this look, really. From the tuxedo jacket to the tailored jean shorts. I am in love with EmersonMade's design and how stinkin' cute she is... but, you know that by now.

2 : Quite a fitting poster for these times. I have not gotten into tweeting just yet. Yes, I do have a Twitter name and if you want to follow me it is @shelbycrandall. I promise I am going to try to be better at it so you can follow me in hopes that I do :)

3 : Mmmm, love Anthropologie's wallpaper. It is pretty perfect. When I own a house (fingers crossed in the next 5 years) I may just wallpaper every room... and the ceilings. I just may.

4 : V cards for your lover.

5 : I would like one, in every design, in every color.

6 : If only I could crochet then my lame felt heart garland would be way more cooler. Someone teach me please!

7 : I imagine this room to be in the attic of a barn, one that has lots of sweet animals, beautiful rows of herbs and veggies and maybe a few kids playing on the tire swing. Seems about right!

8 : Oh my, oh my, oh my! I am not one for replacing meals with smoothies or juices, but with ingredients like these it sounds delightful.

9 : This is my newest hair style love. I have attempted it a couple times and failed, but, will press on until I get it right! Have you tried it?


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