Tuesday tunes : Who knows who cares.

Stone and I had so much fun going to listen to live music this past weekend. Oddly enough, we have not been to a concert in forever. We used to spend our weekends in college chasing concerts all over Texas (mostly in Austin and mostly folk-ish music, I just love folk music). My all time favorite concert was The Weepies. It was just very small and cozy, it felt like they were my parents singing me to sleep or something! So lovely. The best part of last weekends' concert was that each member in the band could play about 4 instruments and they incorporated all of them into their music. I love the piano and strings mostly, and I really want to start taking piano lessons again. Or join a choir. Either one.

By the way, the photo above was taken by husband on our trip to San Francisco! If you have not seen these photos you should check them out here, I just love them.

Enjoy! xo.

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