Inspiration board : Boom Boom Pow.

Valentine's day is oh so soon, which means it is time for me to get a little bit mushy on you. Just a bit. Meaning this week my inspiration board includes things such as chocolate bars, lingerie and flowers, because that is what this day is all about. And really, if you are honest with yourself, who does not like those things? Stone and I actually do not make much of a big deal on Valentine's day except, like I have mentioned before, I love gift giving (and receiving too, I suppose!) so we usually get each other a little something, order take-out and watch a couple classic love movies. My favorites are Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally, clearly I am a fan of Meg Ryan. I also remember when I was not married and the thought of making plans on Valentine's day made me wish I could just blink my eyes and February would just jump from the 13th to the 15th. But, have you seen the movie Valentine's Day? The singles party that they throw complete with a heart pinata is the best idea ever. If I were single, that is what I would be doing, throwing a party and perhaps even decorating with those great pink poms above! So whether or not you are excited about Valentine's day, I hope you found some inspiration from this post. xo.

1 : We can just admit every party looks better with a bunch of pom poms hanging from the ceiling. Am I right? Well, if Martha agrees (and she should because these are designed by her), then I suppose that I am!

2 : If you have not seen Valentine's Day, you should. I love everything in it except Ann Hathaway's role... yikes!

3&5 : It is always nice to wear something fancy to sleep every now and again. The turqoise one looks pretty comfy and I love the little jumper except it is not quite conducive to a middle of the night bathroom run...

4 : I am still wanting to try out red lipstick, this shade looks just about right!

6 : These macarons look delicious, and the colors make for a fun little gift. Have you ever tried to make these homemade? I would like to one day, but it is almost like one of those things you should just enjoy as a treat now and again and never have to work for...

7 : Pink peonies = Perfection

8 : A bow that you can clip onto anything. I would probably find a way to wear it every day!

9 : I have been hearing about these chocolates for a while now and I must try them. Chocolate is my weakness and it is a good one to have :)

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