Tuesday tunes : Love languages

Good morning! Today instead of music I have posted two incredible videos that were made to advertise EF Language Schools. Not only do these videos make me want to travel, they also make me want to learn a new language, which is probably exactly what their marketing team wants to hear. I always have a running list of places I want to visit and Paris (as well as Greece and Italy) are on the top right now. There are a lot of reasons why I want to go to Paris. I have always idealized it a bit, and any video or film I have seen that is set there has only made it look more amazing. My roommate from college has also moved there and loves it, so when we go (which I am hoping is this year) we have a built in tour guide!

Anyway, these videos are beautifully made and tell great stories. They have also made one for Beijing and London! So go here to check them out.


courtney poole said...

Love these! I've always wanted to go to Paris too.. this video just made me want to go even more.

Stone said...

Same. Definitely makes me want to explore. Great soundtrack too.

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