Have a warm friday.

Good morning! As you can probably tell I have been re-vamping the site this week and I hope you like it. Again, this blog for me is a creative outlet and just simply fun. Husband and I are going to try our best to start bringing our camera out more, so hopefully it will start to include a lot more of our photography and lives. This morning when I woke up, my brain simply forgot to get up along with me. Hopefully this will not last all day. But, I am at a loss of what I want to start doing to fill up my Fridays on this blog. Each day of the week is going to be dedicated to specific posts, I am just not sure about Friday yet. Any suggestions feel free to send my way.

Until then, can we talk about the snow?! Crazy.

So, while the rest of you in America are curled up in your robe with some hot cocoa, think of me here in sunny California and know that I am jealous. I want some of that weather, just for a week. It really is the coziest thing so enjoy it. Stone and I have a photo shoot outside this weekend so I guess it is better that we have sun and 70 degree weather right now.

Have a great weekend y'all, here are some links to love! xo.

The Earth at night. Pretty incredible.

Valentine's gift ideas for your man!

Something tasty to warm you up...

Lovely looks for Spring, I cannot wait!

Global warming protest!

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