Feeling crafty : Heart headband

A long while ago I saved a link to this post from a blog called KatieDid. Unfortunately she stopped blogging, but she had some really great craft ideas and always inspired me to sew... I still don't sew though, but really would love to learn! My dream would be able to make cute dresses for our kids (assuming we have a couple girls) and even be able to modify some of the things in my closet. I feel like I have a handful of dresses I don't wear anymore because they are too long, too big, or just could use some updating. Perhaps I should add this to my growing list of resolutions... learn to sew... and get a sewing machine I suppose.

Anyway, because it is almost Valentine's day I decided to modify her heart headband and make my own. I actually like hers more, but again, I do not sew. So, I did the best I could and think it came out pretty great! All you need are some felt heart cut-outs (Michaels has them already cut), needle and thread, and grosgrain ribbon. I matched the hearts on either side of the ribbon, then using a needle and thread secured them :) Pretty simple and a fun accessory for Vday.



Stone said...

You're the sweetest. I love you.

Brettan said...

Has there ever been a more beautiful, more natural muse than Shelby? Stone, you are the luckiest!
Brettan & Justin

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