Weekend wrap up : Number one fan.

How was your weekend? We had one of those weekends where it feels like the only time we were actually at our own house was to sleep. Needless to say, all of that cleaning that I had planned to do did not get done this weekend... oh well.

I cannot complain really because we were having dinners with friends, attending Super Bowl parties and shooting some incredible photos of a beautiful couple in a Eucalyptus tree grove (I cannot wait to show you)! We also made time to stop by my favorite stand at the Farmer's Market. It has the most amazing hummus, dips and tapas. I always get a couple things for my lunches... my favorite is a basil, sundried tomato and feta dip. Absolutely delicious!

So, did you all watch the Super Bowl? Really, we mostly hung out with friends with it playing along in the background :) I do remember way back when I was in elementary school and our team (Dallas Cowboys) was playing in the Super Bowl. It was a huge deal for Dallas and my school made an entire week out of celebrating it. I was so bummed, though, because I had no Cowboy gear to wear to school. My parent's are hockey fans, so if we were celebrating the Stars I would have had plenty of paraphernalia for that. Anyway, I begged my mom to go get me a Cowboys outfit and I remember her telling me I could wear blue, silver and white and it would be just as good. I went to bed that night pretty upset, but when I woke up there was an entire Cowboys outfit complete with buttons and a hat waiting for me. It was like the football fairy came to visit over night. The best thing ever.

And that was the first and last time that I actually cared about the Super Bowl, or at least what I was wearing for it. xo.

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