Weekend wrap up : Sweet treats.

Happy President's Day!

But, let's be serious... we are mostly happy today because it means that we all have an extended weekend. So lovely. I hope you are doing something fun today and enjoying it. I have to tell you that Stone and I spent over 6 hours this weekend tracking down new iPhones. Seriously! And it is not like we are even tech lovers and were obsessed with the idea of owning a new iPhone. Quite the opposite, we almost actually gave up! All we wanted was a simple upgrade, but all AT&T stores in the San Diego area had run out of iPhone 4s, the Apple store completely screwed up our lines and made it impossible for us to be eligible for an upgrade, and in the end Best Buy came through for us. Phew! Not how we want to spend our weekend. So we (really meaning just I...) had to to treat ourselves to some cupcakes from Sprinkles! Have you ever had cupcakes from them? They are so delicious! A store just opened near us and has a line around the building at all hours... crazy, right? But, we were up for waiting and ended up with four different yummy flavors... dark chocolate, red velvet, carrot and black&white!

So to wrap things up, we may have run into some unfortunate roadblocks this weekend, but all in all we ended up with some pretty sweet treats! xo.

Photos above taken on my NEW iPhone... woohoooo!

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