SHE + HE : Valentine's date.

Stone and I love a good meal... especially when that meal involves pizza. So, we thought for Valentine's day that we would try out this local pizza place that just opened. All of the ingredients come from local farms and is organic. Needless to say the pizza was incredible! The entire evening we were serenaded with classic 80s rock, which made for a pretty great atmosphere too :) By the way, have you ever had burrata? It is this creamy cheese that you spread on bread and it is oh so tasty! Stone and I think it totally trumps fresh mozzarella, and that is big time.

We had made plans after to watch a classic love movie (like An Affair to Remember or Breakfast at Tiffany's), but when we got home both realized we would both fall asleep to that sort of movie so chose to watch 'A Good Year' instead. If you have not seen it you should, it is pretty great!



Abby said...

A Good Year is my FAVORITE movie... you and Stone can come visit when we buy our vineyard in Southern France someday... a girl can dream, right? :)

Shel + Stone said...

YES! it is a deal, or maybe we should just both have vineyards in France :)

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