Have a cozy weekend.

Good morning. I woke up to the sound of rain, which never makes me eager to get out of bed. But, the good news is that it is Friday and if I am feeling that way tomorrow when I wake up, then I can choose to turn over and keep on snoozing. A lovely feeling. I have to say I am welcoming this weekend of rain here with open arms because I was getting a little worried that every day in Southern California is sunny and 72. Not that that is anything to really complain about, it was just starting to feel a little Truman Show-esque.

So... any big plans this weekend? Tonight Stone and I are hosting a couple friends for dinner, we are making shish-kabobs and I am SO excited. Then, fingers crossed, we can convince our friends to play a few games. We are gamers (as in the board variation... not video) ... especially on rainy Friday nights! Our favorites have to be dominoes, SkipBo, and Taboo. Anyway, enough about that. Tomorrow we may be headed up to LA to see Stone's sister and sister-in-law... they took a little weekend trip from Colorado. I would LOVE to see them both, however, I would not love to drive to LA. The freeways here actually scare me, and that is crazy because I am from Dallas!

Lastly Stone and I may be making a big upgrade to these this weekend! Do you have one? Do you like it? For the past year or so my phone has stopped even ringing (literally, it will only vibrate) so I think it is time and I am pumped. I have never been able to check email or get internet on any phone I have owned so this could be huge. I may actually even start to Tweet more :)

Here are some lovely links! xo.

Someone, PLEASE come over and make my hair look like this!

Who says your iPad can't have some style too?

I love this... is that shameful?

We were featured this week here! Check it out.

These ribbon collection bags are pretty fantastic!

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