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Good morning!

Stone and I watched a documentary film last night called Kings of Pastry while we were folding the mountains of laundry that is always inevitable after traveling. Have you heard of it? It is a great film about French pastry chefs who compete yearly for the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (the MOF), which is such an esteemed award that the President is always there to personally congratulate the winners. You should watch this, you get so wrapped up in the characters that they introduce to you and the intensity of this competition.

Anyway, it got me thinking about cooking and baking of course. Two things I truly enjoy given the right utensils and kitchen. Right now in our tiny little kitchen it is hard to think about making a gourmet meal... so I really don't. I just stick to the basics, which works for now. However, cooking lessons are on my bucket list and I hope to take them sooner rather than later :) For this inspiration board I compiled a few kitchen gadgets that have either been essential in my kitchen or things that I just think look fun and would love to own one day. I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration to get cooking! xo.

1 : Immersion hand blenders... I had not used one until recently and am so confused as to how I have gone this long. This is a great tool to blend, chop, grind or puree basically anything!

2 : I am constantly reaching for these mixing bowls. They are perfection in a mixing bowl and who can resist all of the fun colors?

3 : This is the classic Cuisinart food processor and I would not want anything more fancy. It is perfect for making my pesto and has so many add ons you can do just about everything with this machine.

4 : Whoever thought of this is pretty clever... a corn basket for the grill. This would just be something fun to have for the summertime when grilled corn is a must!

5 : A few years ago we were at a friends' house and they whipped up some homemade tortillas and queso for us. Absolutely delicious! Since then Stone and I have always said that we want one of these so we can do it ourselves!

6 : With all of our herbs growing out on the patio this herb mincer is a nice tool to have!

7 : If you have not quite mastered the grilled pizza technique then this pan works perfectly for homemade oven pizzas! Stone and I have recommended it to everyone we know.

8 : How fun would it be to make your own popcorn? I think I need this...

9 : I have a scar on my left hand from trying to cut an avocado, it was not a pretty scene. This little gadget would eliminate the chance of that happening again!

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