Inspiration board : Pinterest frenzy.

Have you gotten into Pinterest?

It is like a constant stream of inspiring pictures... almost a creative overload! I have become a bit addicted, instead of telling Stone or emailing a friend every time I see something I like I can just 'pin it'. Great idea, right? Anyway, now my folder on my desktop is getting quite stuffed of pictures that have inspired me from Pinterest and so I thought I would share them with you and also let you know who pinned it so that you could start your own account and begin following some of these fashionistas and crazy creatives! Enjoy.

1 : Saw this photo early this morning pinned from here onto this board and fell in love... since then it has been posted on multiple blogs! There is just something about that blue mid-calf skirt....

2 : Boba tea... mmmmmm! Pinned from here onto this board.

3 : I am always getting fun hair style ideas from Pinterest... and I recently saw this one pinned onto this board. I am actually rockin' this style right now and I just love it.

4 : The perfect Spring-y necklace pinned onto this board.

5 : Nothing better than Olsen style... nothing better... Pinned onto this board from here!

6 : I am dying to change out the throw pillows throughout the house... for the bed, for the couch and for our entry way chair. Would love some new Spring ones like these pinned onto this board!

7 : S'more cookies because sometimes a fire is too difficult to come by. Pinned onto this board.

8 : A great Beatles quote never to forget. Pinned onto this board.


rodan said...

agreed!!! i love pinterest, just got it a week ago =)

Shel + Stone said...

Ooo I need to follow you :) Thanks for the comment Rodan. xo.

Amanda Swann said...

Pinterest is totally my guilty pleasure. It's the best way to waste time!!

P.S. New to your blog. So cute!

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