Tuesday tunes : DC love.

Stone has recently started to make mini-movies from our trips and adventures. It is really fun to be able to look back and watch. Hopefully these videos do not become the next iPhone photos where we take them, store them, and then 40 years from now we will have no actual photos or videos to prove that we were young once. They will be lost somewhere on the internet and gone forever. We really do need to get better at taking actual camera photos of our travels and printing them. Are you good at this? Now I am feeling antsy to get these videos onto a DVD, but who knows if those will even exist 40 years from now?! Oh geeze, such a dilemma.

Anyway, our trip was so fun and this is just glimpses of it. The music is 'Backseat Lovers' by The Last Royals. Hope you enjoy! xo.

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