While we are on the subject of art...

Have you ever gotten the opportunity to see any of Ron Mueck's sculptures? Of all of the art that Stone and I have seen this exhibit sticks out in my head the most. We saw his work at the Modern Art Museum in Ft. Worth (which now has a huge Andy Warhol exhibit, oh, how I wish I could be there to go!).

Ron Mueck has made an art out of sculpting the human body with all of the minute details that are easily overlooked. He includes hair follicles, veins, wrinkles, etc. and he either miniaturizes people or he makes them larger than life... I mean HUGE.

Here are a few photos of his work I found around online. If you ever have the chance to see an exhibit of his, go! You won't be disappointed.

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Rick said...

Love Ron Mueck! Sometimes a little creepy, though.

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