Saturday night bike ride.

The rain finally let up for a few hours on Saturday... which meant we had to get outside quickly, as there is even more rain in our forecast! So, we went on a bike ride.

It was perfect. Stone has become a little obsessed with the iPhone app 'ShakeIt' so lately we he has been taking photos almost everywhere we go. I like this because after our first year of marriage we noticed we really had just a few (really barely any) photos documenting our year together. I suppose when you are a photographer you are constantly taking photos of other people and rarely remember taking your camera on non-photo related outings. Well, the iPhone app has rectified that situation, and even though they are just little, low-quality phone photos, I am still happy to have something to look back on.

Back to the bike ride though.... It was nice to take the cruisers out and enjoy some fresh air, but since Spring has sprung there must be a lot of pollen in the air because when we got home I not only was sneezing and blowing my nose like crazy, but I had a serious rash across my face! Yikes (reminded me of days in Junior High!). It went away the next day, thank goodness. Oh, the allergy sacrifices we make for beautiful Spring weather. 

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