Happy birthday Oliver.

Today was my sister and her husband's dog's birthday. This is Oliver (his middle name is Mustache?), and this is the ridiculous email that my brother-in-law and Oliver just wrote us...

Happy 1 year Oliver : )

Hey Family,

Happy birthday to Oliver!  I wrote that right as he bit my kneecap under the desk.  What a mutt.  This photo is from tonight.

He wanted me to tell all of you to send bones, a jar of peanut butter (creamy, not organic because that kind sucks), and steaks for his birthday... and that he understands if you forgot his birthday this year since he is only one year old, but to never let it happen again.

Preston (and Oliver)


Preston and Lindsay said...

Three cheers for Oliver.
Thanks Shel.
Lylas, P

Kate and Zach said...

I love this!

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