PS22 chorus.

So... I don't really like putting video on this blog because it takes so long to open up, and is slow... BUT, the following two videos are well worth it. I heard about this sweet choir of 5th graders from Staten Island and started looking on you tube for all of their videos. Come to find out they are super famous, having sung at a benefit concert with Lady Gaga and Beyonce...

Anyway, their voices are so sweet, and I just love their enthusiasm (you can really tell that they are feeling it... really feeling it). First video, they sing Landslide, a classic and tear-jerker. Second they sing Phoenix, who have become a new favorite of mine (thank you Katy for the introduction!) and Phoenix themselves said it brought tears to their eyes. Check it out, and if you don't have time, you should make time later... truly incredible. 

Also you can see many, many more of their videos and songs here.

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