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Stone and I started on one of our favorite projects of the year... making our patio beautiful again! Last year we had so much fun picking out pots and plants and growing our own herbs. However, we never got around to getting any outdoor furniture because the things we wanted all seemed too expensive.

Well, this year I was on a mission! And, it was a success.

We found these retro metal chairs at Lowes for $39! They were exactly what we wanted... now you will have to ask Stone about the assembly, I was not here to watch it happen and he said it took hours. I dont know if that is a comment on the difficulty of how they are assembled or a comment on my husband's abilities : )

Anyway, I am still wanting to dress up the patio more and I found a few things to add to our wish list.

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Preston and Lindsay said...

That green Weber grill has been on my wishlist for a while. Good choice. You can give it to me for memorial day... but in black.

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