Chipotle truck?

I just saw an ice cream truck on my way home from work... this means Spring is finally here (right? please really be here Spring, please). I love the concept of an ice cream truck, they should do this with other things too, like there should be a Chipotle truck, that could get my husband in trouble though.

When I was little, I never went to the ice cream truck, except for at my tennis lessons. Whenever we heard the music we would jump in the golf carts and chase down the sound (yes, mom and dad, that is what your good money towards my tennis skills actually went to, no wonder I am not very good at tennis). Anyway, that is my only memory, but I do get excited whenever I see them, to me it means warmer weather is headed our way!


Stone Crandall Photography said...

a Chipotle truck would do nothing but deliciously bad things to me.

Keiran said...

Best idea ever. Face = melted.

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