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We have a huge, blank, orange wall in our home... really it is huge! And we have not hung anything up these past two years because Stone and I both are terrible at making decisions, and when it comes to putting nails in the wall, we really cannot commit to doing it. However, Stone has always said that a home does not feel like a home until there are things hanging on the walls. I have had an ongoing folder on my desktop of prints I would love to have printed to decorate our house. Unfortunately these will never go up in our current apartment, because we are moving in August (where are we moving? we don't know) and putting up a beautiful collage of prints, just to take down three months later is too much effort... but alas, I hope these inspire you as well!

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sally said...

have you guys heard of made by girl? i can't get enough of her prints: http://bit.ly/bsJMSc good for collages, my favorite!!

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