Chipotle Tuesday.

Mmmmm... Well tonight, of course, we met for weekly Chipotle Tuesday, I got my normal (black beans, rice, extra lettuce, no meat, guac and salad dressing  on the side), always so good, if you have not tried the salad dressing, you are definitely missing out. I thought I'd attach an excerpt from a Chipotle email that Cody sent out a couple weeks ago, as he does every week, so you can get a glimpse... Enjoy!

Funny things of the week: 

1. A great video about the ridiculousness of Facebook. 

2. This is why Trampolines at basketball games aren't a good idea. 

3. Ridiculous product of the day.  

4. A presidential reunion of all the best SNL president characters. If you liked those guys, you'll love this

5. Improve Everywhere is back. A group of 50 people get together and throw a birthday party for a random guy in a bar.  

6. The greatest coaching reaction ever. 

Thought of the week:  I wish people were more like bears.  I bet humans are the only species in the animal kingdom that has to work out in order to maintain their physical stature. Bears hibernate for months but could still kill us with one swipe of the paw. Same with lions, crocodiles, and gorillas. Then again, I bet lions don't eat many potato chips or twizzlers. I should layoff the Skittles.  

Question of the week: How would you classify your sense of humor?


Keiran said...

I am going to steal this picture. New internet-wide profile pic, methinks...

B. Williams said...

Thanks for the shout out Shelby. Love the new blog

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