Gift Guide : Love.

Yup. It's that time of the year again. Truly, I think the holiday is a little silly, but it is a great excuse to get flowers, eat chocolate, and go on a hot date so I can't be too cynical. Stone and I usually have a chocolate heavy brunch at home, grab dinner at one of our favorite spots, and then head to the movie theater. Is that lame? Probably, but I used to be one of those girls that expected the world on a silver platter for Valentine's Day and those expectations usually left me upset and dear husband (boyfriend at the time) defeated. So, simple is best for us. I would not complain about some pretty flowers though (hint, hint). Do you like to celebrate Valentine's? If you are like us, then here is the recipe for a lovely, simply perfect day...

1 : Handmade LOVE gifts or cards. These are so sweet I thought, perhaps something I could try and make myself one day.

2 : Some love poems, songs, stories, letters... all of the above work. Shakespeare perfected it, but you could give it a shot too!

3 : Heart shaped pancakes... preferably with chocolate chips!

4 : Fresh flowers... I don't know any girl who would not want a sweet bouquet especially if it is sent to work so others can ooo and ahhh :)

5 : Chocolate. Of course.


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