Baby love : Oh, there it is...

Here is a little update of what the bump is looking like these days... a lot bigger :) I have a little over 3 months to go and am definitely feeling more pregnant! It did exactly what I thought it would... popped overnight! Along with the belly came a few other awesome things like a bladder that can only handle a few gulps of water, tossing and turning throughout the night (I finally got a body pillow and the last two nights have been so much better), and of course the awkward stares of people not quite sure whether you are pregnant, have some sort of growth, or just have a massive beer belly. Oofta, the joys of pregnancy!

On another note, baby boy is happy and healthy weighing in at approximately 1 lb and kicking like a crazy man. I love feeling his little movements!

Hope you all are having the happiest of valentine's days.

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