Look of the weekend : The stylish man.

Happy Friday everyone! We made it through the week, however, the weekend is no relaxing time for us photographers. It is almost opposite! Tomorrow we are shooting a wedding here in San Diego and it should be a great, but ultra long day for us. I think it will be the longest day of shooting we have ever taken on, thank goodness I am in my second trimester because everyone says that is when you feel the best.

Okay, enough about the weekend, let's talk about this post... I just have had a few things collecting on my desktop that I had picked out for gifts for husband in the future and thought I would share. I absolutely LOVE Stone's sense of style, when we first started dating it was actually him who transformed me from the preppy sorority girl into something a little more trendy. I did, however, soften his 'Colorado ski bum' look that he was kind of rocking when we met. Either way, he's got style and I am thankful for it :) If you have a stylish man of your own, you may want to add a couple of these items to his gift list as well... that backpack would make a pretty manly diaper bag, right? Ha.

1, 2, 3, 4

Welcome to the weekend. xo.

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