Loving lately...

Hope you all have had a wonderful week! Okay, so since we last talked (over a month ago) I have discovered some new favorites that I thought I would share with you. 

First of all, if you find yourself in Target aimlessly wandering filling your basket with everything but what you originally went for, head over to the shoe aisle and pick up these loafers. I got the nude ones and am so happy that I did! 

Second, my man Knox and his sweet hair. I felt I needed to write a disclaimer... his mohawk is totally natural. Ha! I have had so many people ask us if we style his hair to do that. Nope, no hair gel required! I am a tad obsessed with the guy so be ready for lots of photos!

Downton Abbey has been keeping me busy during those 3 AM feedings. Have you watched it? It truly is the best, but there are only two seasons right now so it ended way too quickly!

So, Stone and I ran out of face soap the other day and I grabbed Knox's to give it a whirl and loved it! Best part about it was that it did not sting my eyes and it smells so good too :)

While I am trying to lose those extra pregnancy lbs that are still hanging around, I have not given up my after dinner treat and lately the only thing that can satisfy is Rocky Road! Yum.

Lastly, I did not even watch the season, but after seeing their interviews I have grown a quick infatuation with this sweet couple (I even follow her on Instagram!). I just hope that they last...

I know this love list is a bit random, but hopefully I at least gave you some new shoe inspiration or something fun to watch while we all wait for the Olympics to be on! Have a happy weekend. xo.


Knox :: One month

It has officially been one month since our little guy was born! I am already getting teary thinking of how fast it is all going to go. We are just totally in love. I never thought I would be the mushy, gushy mom who could spend hours talking about her kid... well I thought wrong. I have become that mom and I am going to try hard not to bore you all with countless stories, but I will share the best ones :) In his first month of life he has driven 21 hours from Colorado to California and taken his first plane ride! Such a champ.

Some of my favorite things about him so far is his head of blonde hair that naturally forms a crazy mohawk, his bright blue eyes, seeing him smile, the first couple hours of the morning when he is totally alert and happy, how he has started to sleep for extended hours at night time, his little noises, and those long limbs! We could not be more proud parents.


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