Gift Guide : For a one year old boy...

My little love bug is almost one.

I cannot even believe it! As any new mom knows the first year is so special in so many ways, his little life has already proven to bring loads of joy to so many people. This also means that many of his small friends are also celebrating their first birthdays around this time. Therefore, my desktop is the destination for an ever-growing collection of photos of items I found online that every little one year old needs ;) I try not to go crazy with toys, but there are a few things I have had my eye on for Knox...

1. We got this for my niece and nephew for Christmas last year and watched them spend hours running up and down the hallway pushing it and giggling. Knox is not walking just yet, but as soon as he gets the hang of it I cannot wait to watch him do the same.

2. Oh. My. Goodness. Have you ever seen such cute backpacks? I spent a good chunk of time scouring the internet for little backpacks and found these... the problem now is picking out which one to get!

3. Knox loves music. He especially loves the guitar and is so interested in figuring out how to strum with his little fingers. So, at some point I am hoping to start a little collection for him and our future kiddos. We can have our own little band!

4. Not much explanation needed here. This is the toy version of the car that Stone has (just sold) and loves so very much. Same color and everything!

5. Every little babe needs a secret hideaway and I am loving these teepees! Such a great place to tuck away.

6. Even before Knox was born these dolls were on my radar... Knox still does not have a specific animal or blanket that he is necessarily attached to, but I feel certain if he had Hercule he would choose him as his loveie!

7. BOOKS. I love giving books to Knox's babe friends. Unfortunately my wild man has not learned the technique of sitting still to listen to a story (or let alone a page) but, I am really hoping to instill the importance of reading in him. I just love what children's authors are coming up with these days... I think I have more fun picking out books than I probably should!



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