Food to love : Summer pasta.

Some nights Stone and I just need something quick and easy for dinner... actually, most nights that is what we need! I found this recipe here and as soon as I saw the main ingredients of goat cheese and asparagus I knew it was right up my ally. Yumm yumm! I actually really liked it as cold leftovers the next day too, a perfect little lunch.

Summer Pasta

Spiral Noodles
Skinny Asparagus
Log of Goat Cheese
Salt + Pepper
Olive Oil

Cook noodles as directed adding in chopped asparagus 10 minutes before pasta is finished. Pasta should be al dente and asparagus should be pretty soft. Strain. Add chopped up goat cheese log into hot pasta/asparagus mixture and stir. The cheese should melt making a nice cream sauce. Squeeze one half lemon on top and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add olive oil if you prefer sauce to be a little creamier. Enjoy!


Cydnee said...
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David Housholder Photography said...

Just emailed my mom this amazing recipe for Summer Pasta. Shelby and Stone, YOU ROCK!

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