30 for 30 : Seven, Eight, and Nine!

I have some outfits to catch you up on! Wooohoooooooo!

I rarely get to dress up in our profession (which is something I love to do!), except for weddings of course. So I try to snazz (yup, just said that) it up a bit when we are meeting with clients or going to walk throughs. There are just so many cute dresses in my closet that are being neglected, so I have to pull them out sometimes... this outfit was different for me because I layered a top over a dress and belted. I thought it worked out pretty well!

WHITE JEANS! Yikes. I was super scared to start incorporating these into my wardrobe, but, I live in California now and they just seemed appropriate :) Lately I have been wearing them with longer tops like this one, it is a very fresh look, I think :)

Just a casual look. This really was not pushing any boundaries for me. I have just recently pulled this purse out of the depths of my closet and love it!



Dawn said...

Love the bag, I swear I just thrifted and posted a similar one that I found at the thrift. Lovely blog...Dawn Suitcase vignettes

Lydia Marie said...

Those white jeans look great!

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Shannon said...

I love the white jeans, blue button down outfit, so cute! I just found out about the 30x30 challenge ( a little late) and just started posting this week on my blog. Check it out if you'd like.


PS - I also own way too much J.Crew. :)

Patty said...

i love your belts!!!! your top in the 7th is pretty, you look absolutely chic in 8 and so very hippy in 9! awesome!

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