Week wrap up : Girl time!

My sister-in-law Kels has been in town for the past few days, which is why I have been a bit missing in the blog world. I thought I would catch you up on some of our happenings. We have had such an incredible time including, but not limited to, the beach, paddle boarding, craft night (I did not know I was capable of making such incredible necklaces... more on that to come!), making homemade mango salsa, the spa, seeing Bridesmaids (round 2), and pool time! Can't get better than that can it?



Taylor said...

I have been dying to try paddleboarding! Looks like fun!

Angela said...

I would love to try paddle boarding on vacation next week!! It looks like you are in still water? Was this your first time, and was it easy to get the hang of?

Shel + Stone said...

Taylor and Angela... it was SO fun! Felt like all my muscles were engaged and even better, it was perfect for a nice all around tan! Win, win.

It was my first time and was pretty easy to get the hang of, granted we were in a lagoon, not the ocean :)

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