Inspiration board : Hot fun in the summertime.

Stone and I spent some time last night coming up with our favorite things of summer. While the list was way too long to represent above, I did compile some of my favorites from the list for the inspiration board today! Summer is so nostalgic for me (as I am sure it is with many of you too), all I think about is riding my bike outside for hours, having lemonade stands (we also did a shaved ice stand, which really was the money maker), playing on the many lakes Texas has to offer, and of course family vacations where we spent over 2 days together in the car traveling! And here we are again, like clockwork, it is summer and time to make new traditions. Stone and I think we want to start doing a beach bonfire at least once each summer :)

Hope you find this list inspiring! xo.

1 : The fruit that summer produces is the best! Our fridge is constantly stocked with fresh cut up fruit (I have to make it easy and accessible for husband to eat it!).

2 : Cocktail hour! Enough said.

3 : This was obviously one of Stone's choices... riding around in a kind of car with the top off, probably picking up the ladies :)

4 : Beach bonfire. I am a bit intimidated by this summertime activity only because I am not fire savvy at all, but I can't wait to try!

5 : Just a good movie.

6 : BBQs! This is the best summertime activity, good food and good friends cannot be beat!

7 : FroYo for obvious reasons.

8 : Have you ever been to a drive in movie theater? There is one in the town that Stone grew up in that we have been to, they are pretty fun and are always double features so you can just lazy the night away.

9 : Bare feet. This was another of husbands, he grew up in Colorado where you really do not take off you socks but for about 4 months each year. But, I have to agree, walking on the beach with bare feet is pretty great.

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rodan said...

love every bit of this post

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