Food to Love : Lemon Salmon with Broccoli Quinoa.

Yum, Yum is all I have to say about this dish (I would even go as far as to say YUMMO, but husband would make fun of me for it)! This was such a simple and delicious dinner that I had to share it with you. Like I have said, Stone and I are trying to eat healthier and I recently read an article in Real Simple magazine that listed the top 20 super foods. I went and bought them all :)

It was quite an expensive grocery visit to say the least, but our bodies will thank us later. On this list was broccoli, salmon, almonds, grains (such as quinoa), and beans. All of these are represented in this meal! SO here it is, enjoy!

Lemon Salmon with Broccoli Quinoa
(Recipe adapted from here)

Olive Oil
Salt + Pepper
2 Large Salmon Filets
Quinoa (I used a mix that also included pilaf and mini garbanzo beans)
Chopped Broccoli
Slivered Almonds
Chopped Onion
Chili Powder

Heat about a tablespoon of olive oil in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Add 1/4 chopped onion. Cook until softened and browned. Add quinoa and cook as directed on box. When the quinoa is about 10 minutes from being completely cooked add chopped broccoli and cook covered with the quinoa for the remainder of the time until tender. Top with roasted slivered almonds when finished.

Rub salmon with olive oil, a pinch of salt + pepper, and chili powder. Place in foil and set onto grill at medium heat. Cook until opaque through and through.

Place fish on top of quinoa and squeeze with lemon (a lot of lemon!). Delish!


[re]becca said...

mmmmm this looks SO GOOD!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

so happy I found your adorable blog :)

Shel + Stone said...

It was yummy for sure [re]becca! :)

Shel + Stone said...

thanks alycia! you are so sweet :)

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