Tuesday Tunes : On-Airstreaming.

Alright, well I had to share this site with you and wanted to share some of my favorite videos (Angus & Julia Stone, Matt Hires, Augustana...) but unfortunately when I embed the videos they start up immediately when you get to my site. I know how annoying that is when you get to a site and music just starts without you being prepared for it... especially those of you trying to look at blogs secretly at work! So, when you get the chance GO to this site! It is awesome! Basically they set up a full studio in an airstream and drive around inviting musicians to sing in the airstream. They also do interviews with the musicians, which is fun to watch. So go and enjoy! xo.


jb said...

Thanks for the love for On-Airstreaming. We'll look into the embedding issue.
When we come to Cali can our crew crash at your place? You seem like nice people. jb

Shel + Stone said...

Of course, I love that I stumbled across the On-Sirstreaming site, it is awesome. If you and your crew ever find yourselves out in Encinitas you for sure have a place to stay!

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