Weekend wrap up : Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Hello lovies!

Look at the snow on those mountains... crazy! We shot a wedding in Breckenridge on Saturday that could not have been more beautiful. All you could see were green pine trees and snowcapped mountains, who could ask for a better backdrop for their wedding?

The rest of our four day trip was spent catching up with family, driving, celebrating Father's Day, driving, seeing Hangover 2 (it was just okay), more driving, eating at all of our favorite restaurants (Larkburger and Proto's), oh and a lot more driving. We kind of felt like we were in the car more than we were outside of it! Stone and I have laughed about how traveling is like 'rushing to wait'. You rush to the airport then wait in the ticket line. You rush to security and then wait while everyone takes eternity to untie their shoes and remove their laptops (we both were sent to the new full body scanners, thank goodness I was wearing good underwear! Ha.). You rush to your gate only to sit because your flight has been delayed due to technical difficulties (that should make you feel REAL confident about getting on). Etc. etc. etc.

All this complaining, I know... truly we had an INCREDIBLE time, we love getting to see our family of course and feel so blessed by the opportunity to travel to beautiful weddings all over the country! Hope you had an amazing weekend as well. xo.

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