Weekend wrap up : Just us two.

Stone and I had one of those weekends where we did not hang out with anyone... really, no one but each other. It was awesome. I don't know when the last time we did that was. I am definitely the type who loves to plan get togethers and I get a little antsy when I look at our calendar for the weekend and there is nothing scheduled. But, because Stone has been editing like a mad man and we are leaving for a work trip this week I thought maybe it would do us both some good to just relax with each other. Below are just some snapshots of our weekend, it was lovely and I hope yours was too :) xo.

The view from the patio at Fish 101! Yup we ate there back to back weekends, it is just that good. I cannot stress enough to you how happy I am to have found such yummy fish tacos in Encinitas!

See! Don't they look delish? I get the battered fish... don't judge.

Moonlight beach on Saturday was hoppin' and the weather was perfection!

I finished The Help this weekend on the beach and now am so excited to see the movie coming out! Emma Stone is one of my favs.

I was in charge of putting sunscreen on husband and turns out I missed a few spots, his back looks like a red and white zebra! Ooops.

Nothing really to say about this one, except that my pedicure has held up well for being almost 4 weeks old!

Stone and I still sometimes catch ourselves forgetting that we actually live here and it is not some awesomely long vacation that we are on. It is beautiful and we are so thankful that we were able to make this move!

On another note... we saw Bridesmaids this weekend and it is ridiculously hilarious, I cried most of the movie because I was laughing so hard, that's when you know it's good!

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