Gift Guide : Celebrating dad.

Good morning!

Lets get one thing straight here, men, in general are the hardest to shop for. They are the type that if they want something bad enough then they will get it for themselves. Also, you rarely hear a man walking around dropping hints or saying the phrases 'i want' and 'i need' while looking at online stores.

We women are the opposite.

I probably have 4-5 shopping carts online full of things I am liking, and I drop hints to husband pretty much everyday about something I have been eyeing (yet, he still has a hard time picking up on them!). And if he needs even more direction for gifts he can always check my blog or Pinterest page and find some inspiration for gift giving.

That being said, I think I came up with some pretty good Father's day gift ideas. It took a while, but I have a feeling that any of the above would top the pair of socks or tie that you were already planning on wrapping up for him. It is almost the weekend, and you have until June 19th to get it together... buy a nice gift, write a sweet card, and take him to dinner!


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