30 for 30 : Four, Five, and Six!

Hello loves! I have combined a few more 30 for 30 outfits for you. Enjoy!

For this outfit I am "remixing" the striped silk dress. I usually try and keep casual fabrics together and dressy fabrics together, so it was a bit different for me to pair a silk dress with messy bun and sneakers. I liked it!

I have never in my life tucked a dress into a skirt (or any bottoms for that matter) and called it an outfit. But, this striped dress is so versatile, and I have been wanting a top similar that I thought 'why not?'. It worked well for this outfit, but doubt it would look as nicely when tucked into pants or shorts :)

These were my first pair of wide leg jeans and I love them! They are so comfy and a great alternative to skinny jeans (for days when there is no way on this earth you would even think about wearing skinny jeans... we all have those days). I have found that tucking things into wide leg jeans looks more polished, if I do wear something untucked I at least make sure to belt it so I have some body definition!

Happy Re-Mixing! To see more about 30for30 go here.
Why am I doing it? Read here.


Victoria said...

I wouldn't have thought to tuck the dress into a skirt either, but it looks great. You have great style!

Van C. said...

I love the wrap watch, love the graphic appeal of the various stripes and pops of bright colors, dying over those strawberry print Van's (are they vintage?!). Simple chic. Love, love, love!

Van // The Clothes We Wear
Wearing motherhood with style.

Cat said...

my sister and I love your fresh style! so simple and beautiful!

Taylor said...

I love your style! So classic. That last top from anthro is so pretty! I want it, you know, if you ever get bored... after the 30 for 30... ahem... ;)

Patty said...

4: your sneakers are adoarble!
5: yellow skirts for the win!
6: THAT TOP? You're killing me with awesome <3

obviously, you're just rocking one outfit after the other and look at you already 1/5 through the challenge! go go go! :D

your topbun wins too ;)

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