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Well, remember the news I shared with you here about our new roles in this world? Shel and Stone are becoming Aunt and Uncle! We could not be more thrilled. Because of this, I am going to be posting a lot of baby things for the next 6 months (and just probably from here on out) so I hope you enjoy! Who knew there was so much out there now? A little too much if you ask me. Of course I have plenty opinions on what our future babies will and will not play with, wear and eat... but who really knows until that time is actually here.

Because organic and green products are so accessible I definitely will always try to keep that in mind as I do when I am buying things for Stone and I now. There are also tons and tons of toys... but, I am a minimalist when it comes to these, I like toys that are simple and tasteful. Lastly, I am a huge supporter of books and lots of them. My grandma, Nonnie, was a librarian and so growing up my sister and I had about every classic children's book that was around. We read all the time. My grandma actually has lots of recordings of us reading and let me tell you, our southern twang was strong when we were kids :)


1 : Oh my goodness! I just could not resist when I saw these baby overalls. Perfect for a boy or a girl, which means I can gift them early before I even know what the twins will be!

2 : Crotchet teething rings. I have seen these all over the blog/pinterest world and supposedly they are the best teething rings around :)

3 : How great are these animal puzzles? This is just one of those many toys that I love that looks like it could have sat in my dad's nursery when he was a boy!

4 : The perfect poplin dress for coming to visit aunt and uncle out in California!

5 : Toot & Puddle! Love this book series. I have nannied enough to know what the good new books are and these are a must!

6 : The Bear books are another great read for the kids!

7 : Alright here goes... I still sleep with my teddy bear from when I was a kid. Eeeek I know, ridiculous right? But, he is the best and every baby needs the perfect stuffed animal, just one or two though... not twenty!

8 : Striped onesies. Does it get any better?

9 : A cute gender neutral blanket for some cuddle time!


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