Have a lovely weekend.

Stone and I are going to be an aunt and uncle!

That's right. My sister is pregnant and we could not be more thrilled. Really it is all we think about since we found out about the news... actually it is double news because they are TWINS! So awesome. Twins run on her husband, Preston's side of the family. Can you see the two nuggets in the sonogram? Actually at the point when this was taken they were the size of pinto beans! Crazy to think about. Now they are probably about the size of a peach. My family is just totally over the moon and I am constantly shopping for baby stuff now, so don't be surprised when some of my posts these next few months are for age 2 and under :)

So, another Friday is here... phew! Do you have any plans? Our only plan is to see Bridesmaids, get this old mattress out of our bedroom, and play catch up on emails and work. Not too thrilling, but I have heard that Bridesmaids is so funny, so maybe it will break up the monotony of our other plans for the weekend.

As always, here are some links to love and we will see you back here next week! xo.

Kate Spade just came out with a new Mary Jane flat. Pretty cute, especially in the pink!

Mmmm, a sweet treat to cool you off this summer.

30 for 30 starts June 18th and I am 90% that I am doing it! Who is with me?

Stone and I recently said we needed something like this for our patio. Love Weber and love s'mores, so it is really a win win.

After I finish The Help I am planning on starting this book... it sounds like a great summer read.

Husband just posted photos from a wedding we shot in Colorado a couple weeks back! Go HERE to see them :)


Abby said...

oh my goodness!!! Shelby- at first glance I thought YOU were pregnant!!! How exciting for Lindsay and Preston!!! TWINS.... bound to be gorgeous babies! Tell then congrats :)

[re]becca said...

Congrats on being an Aunt!! I just found out that i'm making my sister all aunts =] can't wait for the under age 2 posts!

Shel + Stone said...

Well congratulations to you [re]becca! Very exciting! Two sites I have enjoyed looking at for all things baby are Boden Baby and Unruly Luttle Things :) enjoy this time.

Shel + Stone said...

Thanks Abby! I will be sure to tell her you commented :) they will for sure be gorgeous little babes!

Preston and Lindsay said...

Woot! Twins! All I have to say is, holy moly. Lins and I are super pumped. The Lord is so kind to give us two at once. You know what that means, Shel. It's game time for you and Stoner. Those 2 and younger posts are going to come in handy sooner than you think.

You and Stone are going to be a great Aunt and Uncle. Thanks for bloggin our babies!


ps. Thanks Abby! Hope all is well.

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