Look of the Week : Jetsetter.

On Thursday, Stone and I are headed to Chicago to shoot a wedding! We are thrilled about this trip for many reasons. First off, I have never been to Chicago and we scheduled out an extra day just for sightseeing, any suggestions of what to do? Also, we are working with Carter & Cook for this wedding and so we know it is going to be incredible, these girls are the best wedding planners and have incredible taste. Lastly, I hear Chicago has really great pizza and I am kind of a connoisseur...

Anyway, I thought that I might throw together a fun travel outfit for this week. I always wear flats because I don't like my toes getting cold on the plane, or I wear boots because they won't fit in my suitcase! I still like to dress nice for traveling, I know some people like to throw on their comfiest sweats and call it a day, but you never know who you might meet on a plane and I need to be ready just in case it is Gwyn (or maybe a future client/boss)! I always wear a looser shirt so I don't feel more constricted than I already am in my seat. Other than that, I have purchased two movies on my iPad and pretty much just rotate them out... Baby Mama and Troop Beverly Hills :) Both are highly recommended!

Neck Pillow : Loro Piana
Wish You Were Here Bangle : Kate Spade
Headphones : Panasonic
iPad : Apple
Jeans : AG
Luggage : JCrew
Flats : JCrew


Cydnee said...

wow, i love that shirt!! hope you two have fun in chicago!

Shel + Stone said...

Thanks Cydnee! We are excited to explore the city... I love the shirt too and am seriously hoping to see it on sale soon!

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