Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Hello there lovies!

I have some news. Lately, I have felt a little un-inspired and writing blog posts has begun to feel more like a chore than a creative outlet. So, for the next few weeks as Stone and I are traveling around shooting weddings, vacationing with family, and going to weddings I will be taking time off from blogging. I will post every now and then, but not as regularly as I usually do. Also, if you have any post ideas or would like to guest post I would just love that! Please email me at shelandstone@gmail.com and we can plan it out :) Until then, I am excited to see what new and exciting ideas I can come up with for this blog and I hope you meet me back here in three weeks... we'll make it a date!



Inspiration board : Your summertime reading log.

Ever since my dad gave me a Kindle last Christmas I have been flying through books. I know some of you stick your noses up to Kindles, Nooks, iPad... etc. But, I will say it has been a great thing for me to carry around wherever I am and just pull out and read a couple of pages (yup, I am that girl that is reading at stop lights in my car). I do still buy books that I think are worth adding to our library, but, as you can see above there are some titles that really do not fit on the shelves in a living room :)

So, here are my recommendations for your summertime reading list. Do you remember when you were a kid and the local library would give you a reading list with goals and you could win prizes for how many books you read. I never really won any of the big time prizes, I always got the lame things like a stack of bookmarks or $5 off at Cici's Pizza. Anyway, if only they did that for adults, I am pretty sure I would be a front runner for this summer.

Some of these books I have yet to read and have been on my list, others I read forever ago and would love to read again. And, guys, just a warning, about half of them are intended for the female population... chick lit if you will. Enjoy!

The Help : Such a great book. Truly, one I could not put down, unfortunately the ending was pretty abrupt. I am hoping the movie (coming out soon) makes up for that!

The Pioneer Woman, Black Heels and Tractor Wheels : My sister sent me this for my birthday and I cannot wait to dive in, a love story between two states... sounds familiar!

Twenties Girl : I am a big fan of Sophie Kinsella and would recommend all of her books, seriously! This is one of my favorites because it combines mystery with romance.

The Overnight Socialite : A modern day Cinderella story, what could be better?

Cutting For Stone : I have heard rave reviews for this book and cannot wait to read it for myself.

The Time Travelers Wife : Honestly, I have started this book about 4 times and never finished, but I loved the movie and am hoping that 5th time's a charm.

Heaven is For Real : Stone literally read this entire book on our flight to D.C. and he has recommended it to everyone since. I have not read it yet, but again, it is on my list!

Creative, Inc. : For anyone who has the dream of having a small business in the creative field, this is your book. It answers ever question you may have on how to become successful!

The Art of Racing in the Rain : I am bringing this book to Colorado and am so excited to read it, I have heard great things. I think it will make me want to get a pup even that much more!

Water for Elephants : We just saw the movie and I would love to read the book.

Bergdorf Blondes : I read this in college and think Plum Syke's is a great chick lit writer!

Bossypants : Hilarious! This book has both Stone and I rolling, you can really hear Tina Fey's voice in the book and if you are a 30 Rock or SNL fan, you will love this book.


Food to love : Summer pasta.

Some nights Stone and I just need something quick and easy for dinner... actually, most nights that is what we need! I found this recipe here and as soon as I saw the main ingredients of goat cheese and asparagus I knew it was right up my ally. Yumm yumm! I actually really liked it as cold leftovers the next day too, a perfect little lunch.

Summer Pasta

Spiral Noodles
Skinny Asparagus
Log of Goat Cheese
Salt + Pepper
Olive Oil

Cook noodles as directed adding in chopped asparagus 10 minutes before pasta is finished. Pasta should be al dente and asparagus should be pretty soft. Strain. Add chopped up goat cheese log into hot pasta/asparagus mixture and stir. The cheese should melt making a nice cream sauce. Squeeze one half lemon on top and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add olive oil if you prefer sauce to be a little creamier. Enjoy!

Weekend wrap up : Happy Fourth!

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

Stone and I had a blast this weekend celebrating Independence Day... probably my favorite Fourth yet! We woke up and enjoyed our sweet neighborhood parade, rode to the beach to have tacos and hang with friends for the day, and then headed over to our friends' house for BBQ and fireworks! Just perfect.



Happy Independence Day!

Even though this is sung by a bunch of Canadians and written by a Somalian, I still thought it was relevant for today! Wave your flag and have a happy fourth of July!



30 for 30 : Seven, Eight, and Nine!

I have some outfits to catch you up on! Wooohoooooooo!

I rarely get to dress up in our profession (which is something I love to do!), except for weddings of course. So I try to snazz (yup, just said that) it up a bit when we are meeting with clients or going to walk throughs. There are just so many cute dresses in my closet that are being neglected, so I have to pull them out sometimes... this outfit was different for me because I layered a top over a dress and belted. I thought it worked out pretty well!

WHITE JEANS! Yikes. I was super scared to start incorporating these into my wardrobe, but, I live in California now and they just seemed appropriate :) Lately I have been wearing them with longer tops like this one, it is a very fresh look, I think :)

Just a casual look. This really was not pushing any boundaries for me. I have just recently pulled this purse out of the depths of my closet and love it!


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