The other day I got a text from a friend telling me that she was thinking of me as my due date is getting so close and also, reminding me to enjoy these last bits of quiet time with my husband. It was a good reminder. Stone and I have been so caught up in the excitement and anticipation of everything that we have had a hard time just enjoying being together and the silence before the storm. A good storm, but a loud one... one that I hear will wake me up constantly in the middle of the night :)

So. With a lot of prayer that we can stop worrying, stop over-planning (and being disappointed when the plan is not what we had wanted), and stop stressing everything we have been able to let go. Last night we found ourselves with our favorite boxes of candy (Junior Mints for me and Sour Watermelons for Stone)  in a movie theater watching What to Expect When You're Expecting. It was a good way to relax and take our minds off of everything. Plus, I thought the movie was perfect. I laughed and I cried, part of that could be attributed to hormones, but it was genuinely funny and I definitely recommend it!

All this to say we are excited about our little guy coming, but we are trying to be patient and to not make plans... just let him come when he is ready! xo.


Becky Stevens said...

I LOVED that movie too - it was really funny, but also had some good tear-jerker moments. Glad you liked it too!

Efo said...

I'm thinking of you guys as the special time gets closer. Happy vibes!

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